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Bride in an Elevator

The wedding officiant makes a classic Elevator Pitch mistake by announcing to the hundreds of people gathered on a roof deck in New York City last weekend that she’ll warm up the crowd (meaning us) while we wait for the wedding party to arrive via (an apparently very) slow elevator, and then launching into a 10 minute speech about… herself.

She talks about her history with the happy couple.

She talks about her excitement at the pending nuptials.

I’m sure that her goal is to get us just as excited as she is about the event.

Except that it backfires.

Because instead of listening to her story,

We’re all standing on our toes

Trying to peer through a brick wall

To catch a glimpse of the arriving elevator

So we can get on with the ceremony.

And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because how many times have you tried

To share your passion and enthusiasm,

Only to hear papers shuffling

Catch people glancing at their watches

Or get drowned out by the side conversations?

It’s because you’re talking about yourself

Instead of your audience.

Here’s how the wedding officiant could have made it about us:

She could have suggested that we turn to someone next to us

And ask where they are from

And how they know the happy couple.

Once we are sharing our stories

With each other

We’ll be plenty excited

We won’t notice the 10 minute delay

And it will be difficult to recapture our attention

When it’s time for the actual wedding to start.

So how do you make your Elevator Pitch about your audience?

Get them talking.

About themselves.

That’s what they find exciting.

How do you share your enthusiasm?

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