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But I don’t want to bother them…

My client sends in a proposal.

She follows up by email.

Then leaves two phone messages.

No response.

So now she’s stuck.

And she asks

“Is it ok if I stop by the principal’s office?”



But not for the reason she thinks.


She thinks she’ll bother the principal

If she stops by to ask about

Her proposal.

And she’s right!

It’s annoying

To your prospect

When you follow up about you.

But suppose.

Just for a moment.

That she stops by the principals office

Not as a sales woman

But as a mom.

As a mom

With a daughter

In that school.

Because she is.

What if she stops by the principal’s office to say

“I’m excited to meet you. My daughter really enjoys going to school here.”

Now she’s approaching the principal about

The principal.

What a breath of fresh air!

For him.

And for her.

Just one caveat:

She can’t mention her proposal.

Not in this meeting.

If she does

Then it’s just a sales gimmick

Instead of a warm human connection.

But once she makes that warm human connection

She’s get better results from her sales calls.

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