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My three-year-old hops up on the couch in the midst of my wife’s holiday office party and too loudly asks “Daddy, where’s the party?”

Maybe I’m just naive.

I expected we’d have another 10 years before she starts thinking our parties are lame.

The curse of precocious children…

Still, in an attempt to diffuse the awkward silence I ask her

“Why do you think it’s not a party, sweetheart?”

Her answer:

“Because no one has cake.”

Everyone nods in agreement.

Time for dessert!

There you have it.

In the world of a three-year-old

It’s not a party unless you’re eating cake.

And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because your prospects

Define your services

Differently than you do.

They don’t think in abstractions like

Life coaching

Financial planning

Real estate

Their concerns are much more concrete:

I want to improve my relationship with my spouse

I’m not saving enough money for my kids’ college funds

My father-in-law needs to sell his house

Specific examples grab people’s attention.

Because it matches what they’re thinking.

It’s like you’re reading their mind.

The closer your Elevator Pitch is to what they’re thinking

The more they’ll want to talk to you.

How concrete is your Elevator Pitch?

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