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It’s the single biggest mistake people make with their Elevator Pitch.

They launch into their full pitch at the equivalent of “Hello.”

It’s too much too soon.

It always reminds me of my college roommate.


From Italy.

Maybe you know someone like this.

If you ask Stephen “What’s Up?”

He’ll tell you.

In great detail.

Starting from about the time he was five years old.

Needless to say, our classmates started to avoid him.

And poor Stephen was confused.

Because in Italy.


If someone asks you “What’s Up?”

They really want to know.

Here, the expected answer to “What’s Up” is…

“What’s Up”

It’s the equivalent of “Hello.”

It’s no wonder so many people’s eyes glaze over.

And no wonder so many professionals think that networking is a waste of time.

Yet there’s a world of opportunity in hello.

Once you know

How to answer

The only three questions

You’ll ever be asked

At any networking event.

Here’s how