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Coolest Bucket at the Kiddie Pool

I spent last Saturday guarding our bucket at the kiddie pool at the New Seabury Country Club.

I’ll admit I was being a little selfish.

I don’t like to see my daughter cry.

And this isn’t just any bucket.

Apparently it’s the coolest bucket at the kiddie pool.

Because when other toddlers grab this bucket from my daughter,

Their parents say “What a cool bucket!” and start playing with it,

While my daughter screams “MINE!” and bursts into tears.

For those of you unfamiliar with toddler sharing etiquette,

A more traditional response when your child grabs another child’s toy is:

“That’s not our bucket. Did you ask if you could share?”

Not with this bucket.

This Saturday, one adult glared at us as we packed up the bucket to leave.

How dare we?

I’ve seen adults use it as a shower, a physics lesson, and a bribe.

It starts a lot of games of tug-of-war.

There’s nothing more confusing to a toddler than watching the water stop flowing as you pick up the hose.

And no parent to toddler explanation more desperate than why water won’t flow uphill.

It creates quite a stir.

This bucket.

And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Here are 3 Elevator Pitch Tips from the Coolest Bucket at the Kiddie Pool.

1. Create a Stir

This bucket starts a lot of conversations.

No wonder.Coolest Bucket at the Kiddie Pool

It’s unique.

It’s tempting.

It’s baffling.

It keeps you coming back for more.

Those are exactly the results you want from your Elevator Pitch.

So figure out what makes you unique (Hint: You already know the answer).

What about you encourages prospects to come back for more?

2. Draw a Crowd

We have lots of pool toys.

Including several buckets.

Toddlers flock to this particular bucket.

With their parents close behind.

The other buckets are all good buckets.

I just wouldn’t use them to draw a crowd.

One of your client success stories will draw a crowd.

Find it.

Use it.

Which of your offerings draws the biggest crowd?

3. Word of Mouth

“Where can I get one?” parents ask over their shoulder as they wrestle the bucket from their child.

Ahhhh. There’s no sweeter sound than a word of mouth referral.

And no sale that’s easier to close.

This bucket sells more buckets.

You want your Elevator Pitch to engage more prospects.

Make it memorable. Here are some examples.

How do you engage more of your best prospects?

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