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Counter Offer

The seller makes an immediate counter offer and my wife and I breathe a sigh of relief.

We started the conversation.

A deal is now likely.

Our real estate agent had assured us that the seller would accept nothing below asking.

My wife and I didn’t believe her.

So we researched.




And submitted what we thought was a strong below-asking bid.

But we didn’t know what the seller would do.

We couldn’t know.

Until the counter offer.

“Got him!”

And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because an effective Elevator Pitch generates a counter offer.

That’s how you know who’s really interested.

That’s how you start conversations.

Here are 3 ways to inspire a strong counter offer.

1. Stop

It’s the most common mistake.

To launch into your full Elevator Pitch at the equivalent of hello.

Instead, develop a headline.

7 – 10 words that describe what you do.

Say it, then stop talking.

Wait for a question.

When do you let your prospects talk?

 2. Listen

Your prospect will tell you what interests them.

With their questions.

“Do you also handle refinancing?”

“Do you design kitchens as well as bathrooms?”

“Do you have other technical skills?”

“Would you also be willing to work as a … ?”

Listen to their questions.

Then talk about what they want to talk about.

What questions do your prospects ask you?

3. Follow Up

No matter what question the prospect asks.

The answer is always the same.

“Of course I can take care of that. It’s a longer discussion than we can have here. Did you want to schedule a time when we can talk further?”

The Elevator Pitch starts the conversation.

Make it easy for your prospects to continue the conversation.

How do you continue the conversation?


Often you will give your headline and be greeted with silence.

It’s awkward at best.

Yet at that point you have all the information you need.

No question means no conversation.

Reach out and shake your prospect’s hand.

Say it was nice to meet them.

And go find someone who wants to start a conversation.

Happy Networking!

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