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Dan’s Pitch

Dan called me because he wasn’t making progress on his Elevator Pitch.

The more he worked on it the less it sounded like him.

Here’s what he had:

My name is Dan and I am a scientific professional with experience in the clinical, research and manufacturing industries. I have a diverse technical skill set and some of the fields that I’ve worked in are aquaculture, oceanography, surgical pathology and chemical manufacturing. I enjoy hands-on and physical work either in the laboratory or the field, I like to fix things and find ways to make operations run more efficiently and I have an insatiable curiosity for how things work in the world around me.

I asked him one question he already knew the answer to, and within 20 minutes we had:

My favorite job was where I was the Willy Wonka of Chemistry. I was working for a large pharmaceutical company with their validation engineers to validate the equipment and processes in their new lab. I call it the Willy Wonka job because there was no standing around. I was constantly moving drums, climbing ladders, pumping solutions through pipes, and running around 400 liter reactors. I’m happy to report that once the lab opened, it doubled the production capacity for the company. My name is Dan and I am the Willy Wonka of Chemistry.

Which one do you find more engaging?

Which one do you think starts better conversations?

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