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Demonstrate Your Expertise

The reporters are silent.



All because of an Elevator Pitch.

Big Papi, #34 on the Boston Red Sox is at the microphone.

It’s several years ago, and he’s getting lots of hits against left handed pitchers.

So at this press conference, one intrepid reporter asks why.

Big Papi answers: “I practiced all winter against a great left-handed pitcher.”

It took the reporters a moment to get their bearings.

They were expecting vague generalities:

“I’m just trying to get quality at-bats.”

Just like you hear at business networking events:

“I help companies maximize productivity.”

Not from Big Papi.

He went detailed and specific.

You should too.

Because it works.

Big Papi spent the next 15 minutes answering questions:

“Who was the pitcher?”

“How do you know him?”

“How did he pitch to you?”

“How often?”

“What else did you work on?”

That’s what you want from your prospects.


Questions about your area of expertise.

“How do you do that?”

“Do you also handle…”

“How much does that cost?”

In just 10 words, Big Papi created a firestorm of questions that allowed him to talk about his area of expertise.

You can too.

Here are 3 Ways to Demonstrate Your Expertise:

1. Pick One Detail

I’m sure that Big Papi worked on more than left handed pitching that winter.

The left-handed pitcher is an intriguing detail.

I’m sure that you offer more than one product or service.

Pick one detail that’s intriguing to your prospects.

How do you know if it’s intriguing to your prospects?

It’ll provoke questions.

Questions that spark conversations.

Conversations that increase sales.

What’s one intriguing detail of your work?

2. Silence

Big Papi gave his 10 word answer.

And he waited.

The reporters needed time to absorb his message.

So do your prospects.

Once you offer an intriguing detail…

… stop talking.

Wait for the questions.

It may take minutes or hours or days.

I’ve had prospects stalk me for weeks.

In a good way.

They keep asking questions.

Questions that turn into sales.

What questions are your prospects asking you?

3. Be Consistent

In a game that demands versatility, Big Papi is a specialist.

He gets hits.


Once you find an intriguing detail that sparks questions…

Keep using it.

The Elevator Pitch works over time.

Prospects need time to catch up.

To associate you with your product.

Be consistent!

How consistent is your message?

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