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Effective 1-on-1’s


What’s a 1-on-1? 

It’s when you network with someone over coffee.

Why would you do that?

To grow your business and develop your trusted advisor network.

How do you do that?

There are 2 equally important goals when you network:

1. Clearly understand what the other person does.

2. Clearly communicate what you do.

That’s why your elevator pitch is so important.

You are not selling to the person you’re meeting with.

You are teaching them how to prospect for you.

And you will be prospecting for them.

That’s the goal of business networking.

What was your most effective 1-on-1?

2 comments on “Effective 1-on-1’s

  1. Forgot to mention:

    You answered my question during “The Trap” part of this webinar. Repeating 1:1s was something I was just thinking about and wondering if it would be worthwhile. Thanks for your thoughts on this.


  2. I enjoy 1:1’s and appreciate your ideas on icebreakers. Why not ask someone what they did last weekend? “What do you love about what you do?” LOVE that question, Andy!

    And – not having to collect and keep business cards is such a refreshing thing to hear.

    It was helpful to know that my general approach and goal for 1:1’s is on target with what Andy suggests. Very validating and great tips and suggestions to add and incorporate.

    Thanks, Andy.

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