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Elevator Pitch for a Job Fair

In this 3-minute video I coach a client who wants to change careers on exactly what to say to someone at a job fair.

Here are the highlights:
0:03 Switching to medical field from consumer electronics
0:19 How should he present that when meeting someone
0:34 What’s the story that leads to the Elevator Pitch?
1:03 Here’s exactly (in his own words) what he wants to do!
1:27 Here’s how I suggest he start the conversation
1:42 A new way of answering What do you do
1:52 How to make it more conversational
1:59 The reason the Elevator Pitch has a bad reputation
2:19 The best way to start a conversation in an elevator
2:31 The transition from what you do now to what you want to do
2:47 Exactly what to say at the job fair

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