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Elevator Pitch for New Year’s Eve

As the ball falls in Times Square this Thursday night I’ll be thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Not because I want to.

I just can’t help it.

There’s something about New Year’s Eve.

Entertainers who usually perform for hours at a time

Have to pick a single song.

Party-hoppers who always have multiple places to be

Have to be someplace (one place) at the stroke of midnight.

The TV stations that create and define their own hype

Face a level playing field.

It’s a world of possibilities reduced to a single evening.

A single hour.

A single minute.

An instant of pure focus in a sea of distraction.

The world’s attention for a split second.

That’s the opportunity.

That’s your opportunity.

Every time you introduce yourself.

You hold that person’s attention for that split second.

Will you say something memorable?

Something that inspires him to think in a new way.

Something that inspires her to see a new solution in an old problem.

Something that inspires you to do your best work for your best clients.

Or will you let the moment pass.

Like so many others.

Squandering the opportunity to make a connection.

To make a difference.

To their business.

And to yours.

2016 is the Year of Opportunity.

We’ll talk about how to get found more often by the right people.

How to get gatekeepers to offer you coffee as they personally escort you to the decision maker’s office.

How to introduce yourself (and your business) in a way that gets other people just as excited about it as you.

Stay tuned.

More information on all of that in the coming weeks and months.

But it all starts with 7 words.

Your seven word answer to “What do you do”

Answer well and you’ll start conversations.

Answer well and it’ll be so much easier to follow up.

Answer well and you’ll attract new, better, exciting opportunities.

Let’s start the new year by working on your Elevator Pitch.

It only takes minutes to get an Elevator Pitch that sounds like you, is fun to say, and starts great conversations.

Here’s how.

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