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Elevator Pitch Q & A

We had a record turnout for a lively and interactive Elevator Pitch Examples Webinar.

Here are the answers to the great questions you asked on the call.


Is it rude to introduce yourself with a customer success story?

No. It’s not rude.

It’s actually quite engaging.

I recommend starting with “It’s probably easiest if I share a recent client success story.”

Watch everyone lean in to listen (people love a good story).

Then give your 2-sentence story (how they found you, what their challenge was, what your solution was, and how they benefited).

Once you’ve mastered this approach you can make it even more powerful by closing with a compelling call to action!


How do you answer the “What do you do?” question if you “do” two things? Should you combine them or choose one?

Choose one.

Which one?

The one that’s most compelling to the largest number of people.

It doesn’t mean that you don’t continue doing the other thing.

It just means that when you market your services you pick the approach that’s most likely to lead to a conversation.

If you do one thing people know why they want to talk to you.

If you do two they aren’t sure where to start.

So they don’t.

Choose one to start more conversations.


I didn’t get a chance to join you. Was the webinar recorded?

Yes. It is available for a limited time on my YouTube channel:


How’s this for the “Helping Template”: I help businesses generate more sales leads so they can sell more of their products.

That’s a great start!

It’s still very generic.

You’ll get better responses (i.e. questions from prospects) when you are specific and clear about the type of business and how you generate leads.

For example, if you say one of the following:

I get retail store’s phones to ring through social media.

Sales Managers hire me to get better results out of their cold call sales teams.

I help business professionals get better leads through business networking.

Then I can be listening for a retail store owner who complains about the economy, a sales manager who wants more out of his team, and someone who is frustrated by lack of results from their business networking efforts.

People want to help you.

Being specific makes it easier for them to think of good referrals for you.


How do I get the contact information of the decision maker?

By developing trust and being value first.

Your question comes from the cold call sales point of view.

From the elevator pitch / business networking point of view, your elevator pitch inspires someone in your network to introduce you to the decision maker.

You’re no longer looking at gatekeepers or random people within that organization.

You’re being introduced by a third party that the decision maker already trusts.

It takes time to develop this sort of Trusted Advisor Network.

It’s time well spent.


How do I measure the success of my Elevator Pitch?

Your 30-Second Elevator Pitch should average 3-5 leads for every 30 people in the audience.

Your Conversational Elevator Pitch should average 3 conversations that are worth continuing per business networking event.


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