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Elevator Pitch Tips from Elmo

The 237th time you watch an Elmo video

you realize that it’s brilliant.

Elmo taps his feet as he plays the piano.

Telly’s eyes get wide with surprise.

Elmo straightens up and gulps just before his big moment.

How do muppets do that?

Hours of practice.

Dozens of takes.

This toddler monster is heavily rehearsed.

So rehearsed that it looks natural.

It works.

Elmo is highly addictive to toddlers.

My daughter starts her Elmo chant as we turn onto our street.

At least he’s an educational monster, right?

What does Elmo have to do with your elevator pitch?

Here are the 3 tips:

1. Know Your Audience

Elmo is scripted and rehearsed to appeal to toddlers.

Not adults.

Believe me.

I would never choose to watch Elmo.

My toddler chooses.

So instead of watching March Madness,

I’m humming “Rubber Ducky.”

I am at my toddler’s mercy.


How addicted to your message are your prospects?

2. Create Intrigue

Elmo blows a feather up into the air, and catches it.

I know that the feather is on a string.

I know he cannot actually blow on the feather.

Yet he does, and it floats up in the air, and back down.

He almost misses it a few times.

Carefully rehearsed.




Keeps my toddler coming back for more.

How do you keep your prospects coming back for more?

3. Rehearse

Every detail is rehearsed.

And rehearsed some more.

They are teaching toddlers.

Catching a toddler’s attention.

Now that’s a tall order.

It’s not by accident.

Your elevator pitch is about catching your prospect’s attention.

How do you rehearse?


One comment on “Elevator Pitch Tips from Elmo

  1. Love the Elmo analogy. Now you’ve got me thinking about how to create intrigue and suspense in my own way with prospects.

    Thanks for making me think about it AND for putting a smile on my face. I now have a whole new appreciation for Elmo!


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