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Elevator Pitch Trigger

My client makes an offhand comment and I blurt out: “Liquid Web!”


No, I’m not developing a nervous tic or anything – not yet, anyway…

What happened is a great example of an Elevator Pitch Trigger.

Here’s the background:

I listen to a podcast called ECommerceFuel.

One of their advertisers is a web hosting company called Liquid Web.

And… here’s the key – Liquid Web advertises themselves as perfect for hosting WooCommerce sites.

So when my client mentions that she needs a hosting company for her WooCommerce site, I involuntarily blurt out “Liquid Web!”

Even though I have no idea what WooCommerce is.

And I know even less about Liquid Web.

Hold on though – it gets better.

Now I’m curious, so I head over to Liquid Web to see what they’re all about…

…and I can’t find any mention of WooCommerce.

It turns out that Liquid Web is a general purpose hosting company.

They’ll host any sort of website.

But… that’s not the way they market themselves.

By marketing themselves as “web hosting for WooCommerce” they got me to recommend them even though I have never heard of them or the platform.

That’s a great Elevator Pitch Trigger!

When I hear WooCommerce – I think Liquid Web.

They are fully committed to their messaging. They never mention WordPress, or Server Clusters, or HIPAA compliance, or any of their other products.

Every podcast it’s “web hosting for WooCommerce.”

An Elevator Pitch Trigger won’t work if you keep changing it.

So pick an Elevator Pitch Trigger and stick to it.

What Elevator Pitch Trigger makes people think of you?

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