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Elevator Pitch Tune-Up: Examples

It only takes 20 Minutes for an Elevator Pitch Tune-Up!

Monique used to say:

I am a glass artist

Now she says:

I work with people who are renovating their bathrooms. I create shower enclosures, sinks, and backsplashes made entirely of glass. If you’re wondering what a glass sink looks like, please ask me to see an example. My name is Monique with Monique Glass Studio and I design renovations in glass.

Cathy used to say:

I am a holistic health coach.

Now she says:

If you or someone you know craves chocolate, that’s a good thing! I was working with a client recently who was so lacking in energy that she needed lots of chocolate to get her through her day. She joined my coaching program and we realized that she was not eating enough or the right kinds of foods to support her nutritional needs. Now that she has added fruits, vegetables, and whole grains to her diet she has more energy and feels more balanced and in control. My name is Cathy Zolner and I help people increase their energy through nutrition.

Does your Elevator Pitch need a Tune-Up?

2 comments on “Elevator Pitch Tune-Up: Examples

  1. I work with families to strengthen that family bond. I had a client who thought her two sons hated each other because she never saw them talk to each other. They would be sitting on the couch together watching television but texting. She assumed they were texting other people, they were texting each other. They lost the art of talking. My name is Deborah York and I help strengthen family connections.

    1. Deborah, what wonderful work you are doing!
      Through this client success story you share what you do in a way that makes it easy for us to send the right people your way.
      Keep up the good work strengthening those family bonds!

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