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Engaging an Online Audience

Here’s a story of how an impromptu presentation

That could have been interactive and engaging

Went horribly wrong.

We’ll share the story

Then come up with ideas

For making presentations more interactive

Both online and in person.

Let’s get started…


The bride is running late

So the wedding officiant

In an well-meaning attempt

To warm up the crowd

Launches into a five minute speech about


Her goal is a good one.

To share her excitement about the

Happy couple’s pending nuptials.

But the result is us

Checking our watches

Aggravated by the delay.

Because talking about being excited

Doesn’t get other people excited.

So how could she have better shared her excitement?

What if,

Instead of talking about herself,

She had suggested that we pick someone near us in the crowd

And ask them where they were from and how they know the couple.

In that case,

We all would have happily chatted away the ten minutes

While making new friends.

That’s an interactive and effective way to warm up a crowd.

But what does that look like online?

Because online, people can’t really see each other

Let alone talk to each other.

How can you encourage people to

Ask questions

Share experiences

Join the conversation…

Glad you asked.

Because I’ve been working on this very challenge

For several years.

I’ve been frustrated that my

Dynamic and interactive presentation style

Didn’t translate well online.

Until now.

I am happy to report

That I have finally found an approach

That makes online presentations

Just as interactive as in person workshops.

I’m hosting a free webinar on Tuesday at 2pm ET.

You’ll experience 3 techniques you can use immediately

To engage any audience

So they’ll participate enthusiastically

Ask lots of questions

And enjoy the experience of learning online.

Registration is free and seating is limited.

Reserve your spot now to avoid the waiting list.


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