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How do I not be boring?

“Help! I am an Insurance Broker. There are hundreds of us and people think it is boring. I love to save people money.”

Have you ever found yourself in this type of situation?

You know.

The situation where

You love what you do,

But when you try to tell people about it

Their eyes glaze over

And they tune out.

If only there was a way

To talk about what you do

In a way that got other people

Just as excited as you.

If only.

Because I guarantee you:

This broker doesn’t think what she does is boring.

Not by a long shot.

She loves insurance.

She loves saving people money.

She’s just not sure

How to share that

Passion and


In an exciting and engaging way.

Fortunately, it’s not as hard as she thinks.

Here’s her first draft of an Elevator Pitch:

“I increase client coverages while saving them money”

You gotta admit.

That’s a little boring.

It is.

For one very good reason.

It’s not specific enough.

What types of clients?

What sort of coverages?

How many dollars?

So here’s the first step to an exciting Elevator Pitch:

Pick a client

One particular client

And talk specifically about them.

In this case:

1. I showed a dad how putting his son on a family car insurance plan (while adding an umbrella) saved him $623 per year.

2. I saved a business owner over $3,000 per year on her Workman’s Comp insurance because she mis-categorized some of her payroll records.

Here are some ways you can be more specific:

Do you work with single parent families or with stay-at-home dads?

Do you work with first-time home buyers or baby boomers?

Do you save moms $73 a month or $1500 per year?

Do you work on men’s relationships or women’s careers?

Use specifics.

Now that’s exciting!

2 comments on “How do I not be boring?

  1. great idea, I sell disaster restoration services, starting off with a specific customer story is awesome. I have a chamber of commerce event this evening and will try it out there.

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