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The tile in our shower has the highly undesirable property that suction cups won’t stick to it, so we look for a shaving mirror that will stick to anything regardless of whether or not it’s fogless.

Of course, the mirror packaging claims both.

Stick to anything.

And fogless.

And I find myself skeptical of both claims.

Because everything we’ve ever tried to stick to this tile

Clatters unceremoniously to the ground,

And every fogless mirror I’ve ever owned

Loses its foglessness after about my third shave.

So it’s a pleasant double surprise

When this particular mirror sticks (silicone adhesive)

And is truly fogless (reservoir to fill with warm water).

And, you guessed it:

It gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because even though this mirror

Has the best fogless solution

On the market

That feature had no value to me

Until it was sticking to my tile.

And so many people confuse

What they offer with

What people are looking for.

How do you know the difference?

Call up three of your clients and say:

“Do you mind me asking

The top three reasons

You decided to do business with me?”

Their answers will surprise you.

Because what they were looking for

Is not the same as what you think you offer.

Go ahead and let us know what you find out.

Add a comment below

With the most surprising answer you got

When you asked your clients

Why they decided to do business with you.

What did you think they were looking for?

What were they actually looking for?


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