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Four Years Tall

My four year old gleefully grabs my measuring tape, stretches it out to full length on the family room rug, lies down next to it, and announces that she measures Four Years Tall.

It’s like that funny quote:

“It’s not

‘How high are you,’


‘Hi, how are you’”

I never realized

That for four year olds,


Or at least for my four year old,

It’s a confusing distinction.

My daughter asks everyone she meets

“How tall are you?”

Which is a surprising question

Because you can pretty much tell how tall someone is

Just by looking at them.

But it only gets more surprising

When in response to their puzzled look

She explains

“I’m four. How tall are you?”

And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because so many people

Think that they are being asked

To justify their expertise

When in fact

They are being asked

To be clear about their results.


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