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(Friendly) Competition

My older daughter is quite content to pedal her bike slowly and carefully in a circle until her younger sister blows past her, pedaling furiously down the street, starting a game of (friendly) competition.

I watch an incredulous “A bike can do that?” expression flicker across my older daughter’s face.

She yells “STOP!” only so she can gather speed and blow past her sister.

Starting a game of leap frog that takes us down the street and back.

Several times.

Going faster, wobbling, toppling, and jumping right back on to catch up.

It’s exciting to watch such rapid skill development.

And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because, like my older daughter’s bike, so many people have no idea what an Elevator Pitch is capable of.

They’ve never seen the whole picture.

The bicycle, after all, isn’t just about pedaling.

It’s about balance, speed, joy and freedom.

And business networking isn’t just about the Elevator Pitch.

It’s about trust, collaboration, fun, and friendships.

It starts with the Elevator Pitch, sure.

Then how do you get to the rest of it…

With the 5 Skills of the Trusted Advisor, of course!

I’m offering a free webinar training program next Thursday.

We’ll talk about the skills.

What they are.

Why we need them.

How to master them.

To get better results from your business networking.

The program is free for a limited time.

Watch it now now while it’s still available.

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