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Working on your Elevator Pitch?

85 comments on “Working on your Elevator Pitch?

  1. Hello Andy, I’m a new realtor, I’ve been working on my elevator pitch and I’d really like your opinion of the one I have. I think it sounds too generic and I’m not sure how to make it more personal.

    You know how challenging it can be to navigate the home buying process. Well my job is to simplify each procedure from start to finish, especially for my first time home buyers. In fact my last 3 closings have been with first time home buyers. So if you know anyone thinking about buying their first home, I would be happy to help out

    Thanks in advance

    1. Thanks for posting on my blog!

      You have a good start for an Elevator Pitch here. You’re also correct that it’s a little too generic. That’s because you’re talking in general about first time home buyers. I’d like to see you talk about a specific first time home buyer – i.e. the specific problems and issues faced by a specific home buyer and how you helped them. Telling a story of a client you’ve helped is the best way to showcase your personality and approach.

      Here’s an example from one of my real estate clients:
      “I was working with a homeowner who didn’t want to replace her water heater before selling her home, but knew it could be a sticking point with a potential buyer. She purchased our home warranty which protected both her and the buyer, and I’m happy to report that the sale closed smoothly and on time.”

      Obviously that’s not your story, but if you just had three closings then you have plenty of material for creating a unique and memorable pitch that will engage first time homebuyers.

      I’m happy to talk with you for 15 minutes if that would be helpful. You can get on my calendar here:

      Let me know your thoughts

  2. I was a restaurant manager for over 20 years, now I’m seeking an accounting career which I recently got a certificate for accounting 1. How can I start the elevator pitch by not to miss lead with the restaurant history work?

    1. Thanks for the question!

      Your Elevator Pitch should always be about the work you want to be doing. There’s no need to talk about your past. If you no longer manage restaurants and want to do accounting, then your Elevator Pitch should be all about accounting. You can explain your restaurant experience during the interview, but it’s not relevant to your Elevator Pitch.

      I may be misreading your results, but it almost sounds like you want to use your accounting degree to help restaurants. Did you want to be a freelance accountant for restaurants? If that’s your goal then I think your restaurant experience helps and talking about it wouldn’t be misleading as long as you’re clear that you want to be an accountant for restaurants.

      If you want to use your degree to get an accounting job then I would just say that you just finished your certificate for accounting and you are interested in an accounting job.

      Hope that helps.

      Let me know your thoughts.


  3. Hi Andy,
    Thanks to your help I was able to come up with a short pitch.
    Please can you let me know what do you think of it, and which ending would be better? (I’m a kinesiology therapist working with athletes. kinesiology=working with stresses)

    “I help professional athletes to identify and eliminate stresses
    1, by using muscle testing or
    2, that hold them back”

    Thank you!

    1. Hi!

      You’ve got a great start here.

      It’s usually best to focus on the what (the outcome) rather that the how (your process). So working with stressors is how you do what you do, but what benefit do the athletes get?

      Here are some ideas:

      I help professional athletes get stronger without getting hurt

      I help professional athletes avoid leg injuries

      I help professional athletes run 30% faster

      Let me know your thoughts!


  4. I am a recent graduate student with a masters degree in computer science. before joining a grad school I had working for 3 years as a software engineer in consulting firms. I am now actively seeking software development roles but do not the skill to brag about myself and how to answer the question, “Tell me something about yourself.” Can you please help or give some key pointers on how to distinguish me from this elevator pitch. Thanks in advance!

    1. Thanks for posting! Are you saying that you don’t have the ability to brag about yourself, or that you have nothing to brag about? I’ll suggest that the first isn’t the goal, and the second almost certainly isn’t true. You have work experience and studying experience. Pick the best project you worked on at work, and the most meaningful thing you learned at school. Talking about those will distinguish you in a way that points you to a great job.

      I have a free course that can point you in the right direction:

      I also have a paid course for coming up with a full 30-Second Elevator Pitch:

      Let me know how it goes!

  5. Hello, I am attending a job fair tomorrow at my college. I am not sure what to expect, but I am nervous. I am a school psychology graduate major. I am currently interning at a Middle/High school as the school psychologist. I am unsure how to create a 30-second Elevator Pitch. My role at my internship is conducting psychological testing, observations, individual and group counseling, and attending CSE Annual And Reevaluation meetings. Those responsibilities are incorporated into my resume.

    1. Hi Rachel,

      Thanks for posting on my blog.

      The best place to start with an Elevator Pitch is to think about the best part of your internship. Either a project, or someone you worked with, or some result you worked hard for and achieved. Then you can put that information into the Elevator Pitch Creator That will give you a good start.

      In terms of the job fair, if you are looking for work as a High School Psychologist, then I would just say that. Just relax and start conversations with people, and if there’s a job that’s interesting ask if you can set up an interview. Job fairs are good because everyone wants to meet you and help you (after all, they are there because they want to hire).

      Just go and meet people, let them know you’re interested in a school psychologist position, and see where it goes from there.

      I hope that’s helpful. Let me know how it goes!


  6. Hi I need a 30 sec pitch elevator for a job interview at the airlines as a cabin crew , in which i have to introduce myself and tell them how i am different to others

    1. Thanks for posting!

      Your best bet for this interview is to talk about the best customer service you ever gave. Keep in mind that it’s not about your approach to customer service. It’s how you actually dealt with a specific person as you gave them what you feel was outstanding customer service.

      Let me know your thoughts.

  7. Good stuff. I recently started a business- solo effort right now with hopes to grow. I’m an Independent Service Provider (Contractor with a protected geographic area) for a tech company. They created a proprietary camera to shoot/create 3D virtual walk though tours of ant space: a house for sale, restaurants, museums, resorts, ect. They also host any tours that Service providers create. I pay a monthly subscription fee based on how many tours I create and have them host. In turn, I charge a client to shoot/create the tour and a month fee to have it hosted. Hope that is somewhat clear. So my task is to find clients who would benefit from having their place of business available online and allow prospective clients to virtually walk through there place as if they were there in person. The key is to get in front of a prospect to show them the technology as seeing it is key. Describing it usually falls short as most people have never seen anything link this – that’s my challenge- to sell an appointment in order to show them this amazing technology which will show the public their place in a unique and immersive that is beyond what photos or video can do. Trying to come up with a elevator pitch – would love some tips.

    1. Phil,

      Thanks for posting.

      The first tip I’ll give you is to learn why this is valuable for people. Why would I want to be able to give people a virtual walkthrough of my business? I’ve seen this type of technology used for real estate open houses. That way you can look at a bunch of houses without leaving your home. That’s a compelling description for a real estate agent. What businesses are you targeting?

      Let me know your thoughts.

  8. I’m struggling creating an elevator for my final project for DPR 101. Can someone give me a guide on how to start please.

  9. I’m struggling with an elevator pitch for a business plan because my business is going to have multiple services from life coaching, writing, to book cover creation to holistic cleaning. I’m boggled on how to pitch multiple services?

    1. Kelly, I’d also offer the thought that if you are boggled on how to pitch the multiple services then perhaps you should reconsider your business plan. Either find a way to logically roll them up or categorize them in an easy to understand manner. With that said, I also agree with Andy that you have to pitch one and it must be simple. Most folks know the term “Life Coach” but how many know what a Life Coach does? Heck, what does a Life Coach do? 🙂

      P.S. When you figure it out let me know, I’d love to listen.

      1. Kevin, thanks for posting and for some great insights.

        I’d encourage you (and everyone else) to be careful as you think about your business.

        There’s nothing wrong with Kelly’s business plan. Offering multiple services is fine. And in fact encouraged. And most people get stuck trying to find a logical way to roll them up and talk about them all together. But that’s not an effective approach. It’s actually better to talk about the simple thing you do that people want. Then they can discover and appreciate the depth and complexity of your work as they get to know you better.
        I just did a project for a guy from London that started as an Elevator Pitch Coaching job, and turned into a much bigger project of writing a sales letter and a speech for him. I do all that kind of work, and love doing it. But I don’t market myself as all those things. I market myself exclusively as an Elevator Pitch Coach, and that brings me more of the other kind of work that I like to do.

        In terms of life coaching, it’s true that life coach means something different to everyone. When I work with a life coach we focus instead on the results the get for specific clients. People want to strengthen their relationship with their spouse, or start a 2nd career, or be a more effective parent. People aren’t looking for a life coach, but they are interested in improving their relationship with their spouse. Once you understand that difference, your Elevator Pitch will bring in lots more leads!

        I hope that helps.


  10. I am trying to get companies to hire young people who have just gone through six months of internship program. how do i create an elevator pitch? thanks

    1. Thanks for a great question! The best place to start is with what the internship prepares them for. For example, the fact that they’ve been through the internship is not exciting to companies. The fact that you have students who have been trained in computer skills, or project management skills, or leadership skills, … That’s the place to start.

      Head over to the Elevator Pitch Creator. It’s takes less than a minute to answer a few questions and come up with a complete 30-Second Elevator Pitch.

      If you have more questions just forward me the results from the Elevator Pitch Creator and we’ll take it from there.


  11. help me pliz.I have to present the brand of my product tomorrow. How do i best present it. I need an elevator pitch for it

    1. The best way to figure out how to present your product is to head over to our free Elevator Pitch Creator tool: It takes less than a minute to answer a few questions and we’ll send you a full Elevator Pitch.

      If you still have questions just forward me the results and we’ll take it from there.

      1. Question for ya’: I’m a Fine Artist and need assistance for a 30-60 second pitch to potential clients to purchase/display my unique works…I filled out your questionnaire. Selling Art is more of selling my “value-experience and a part of my journey”. What questions do I ask myself and answer for the possibilities of gaining the client’s trust, conveying my vision and enticing them to really want to own a piece of me (my journey)? Thnks in advance!

        1. Hey Jake!

          Thanks for posting your question on my website.

          So in your case, (since I just saw that stunning “Miami Sailfish” picture on the home page of your website), a picture is definitely worth a thousand (or maybe 2 or 10 thousand) words. Your art, I mean, there’s no way of putting that into words. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

          Hand out postcards with samples of your work on them, or get a small portfolio book printed (or a few of them) that you can pass around. People who see it will get it. The ones you want to talk to, anyway.

          I worked with a glass artist a while back. Her challenge was just getting people to ask to see her portfolio. That was her only goal. Once they saw what she could do with glass, they were very interested in talking with her. I think you are the same way. You could spend hours trying to describe your art, but it’s art. I’ve got a really funny story about an art major buddy of mine from college. The engineer (me) trying to wrap his head around a truly incredible art project.

          So I think there is a story you can tell about how businesses use your art to impress clients or create the right kind of vibe in their space or show themselves as true originals. But it’s not nearly as important as showing some actual art. Especially something you’ve done that really connects well with people.

          I’m happy to get on the phone with you for 15 minutes if you want to discuss further (and if you want to hear about my art major buddy from college – I think you’ll really appreciate the story). The easiest way to get on my schedule is here: If none of those times work just shoot me an email with your time zone and some times that work for you.

          I would look forward to speaking with you.


  12. Hi I have a Legal background. A paralegal with very little experience. I have been a stay- home mum for about 15 years and really want to start working. While at home, I took a course and obtained a Legal Research Certificate and though I do not have the requsite qualifications I believe I have competent skills of a Legal Compliance Officer. How do I sell my self to land a good job.

    1. You probably have more experience than you think. Being a paralegal is all about using research to figure out complex problems. So if you’ve helped a friend or your kids with something, that’s a great place to start your Elevator Pitch. It doesn’t need to be a legal something. It just needs to show that you can work your way step-by-step through something that doesn’t have an immediate obvious solution. So you sell yourself by talking about projects you’ve done that are similar to the kinds of projects you’ll be doing as a Legal Compliance Officer.

      Does that make sense?

      Let me know what you come up with.

  13. Hello Sir, I am web design and a co-operate ICT trainer… I have a worked par time with some ICT companies here in my country and I intend starting my own small ICT company but I don’t know what to say or how to introduce myself or my business…. I am a very shy person. please sir is there any way you can help?

    1. Welcome! The best place to start is at the Elevator Pitch Creator. It takes less than two minutes to answer a few questions and we’ll send you a fully formed pitch. If you still have questions, just forward the results to me and we’ll take it from there.

  14. Hi, i am an unemployed graduated student in Computer Science. But now I am seeking a job in Administration. I do had an experience in working as a clerk before. Can you help me how to create 30second Elevator Pitch?

    1. Hi Linda,

      I recommend thinking about the best parts of your job working as a clerk. For example, the projects you most enjoyed, the best results you got, or just where you had the most fun.

      Now head over to our free online software tool:

      Tell it you want to “find a job”, then answer the few questions it asks you in terms of your best project working as a clerk.

      If you have any questions feel free to email me the results from the Elevator Pitch Creator and we’ll take it from there.

    2. Hi I work in job services and i am involved in a project to deliver a session to my job seeker and i need to give an elevator pitch example of my self so i can get y clients to do similar thing. thank you

      1. Hi!

        Thanks for a great question!

        I find that giving them an example isn’t nearly as useful as walking them through the process of coming up with their own.

        My book takes you through the process step-by-step:

        I also offer a facilitation package that comes with a bunch of books and training on how to teach the book to a group of people.

        Let me know if you want to get on a quick phone call to discuss further.

        Thanks again.

  15. Hi,I am fresh graduate on Mechanical engineering and I’m looking for job at entry level and trainee engineer.The employee need 300 words pitching about why I should be the chosen one. Please help me to create one.

    1. The easiest way to get started is to use our Elevator Pitch Creator. It’s free and takes less than a minute to answer a few questions and we’ll email you a fully formed 30-Second Elevator Pitch.

      Here’s the Elevator Pitch Creator:

      If you have any questions feel free to email me the results and I can offer some suggestions.

  16. We sale payment processing, digital advertisement, ATM’s, Clover Point of sales systems, and build mobile apps. This is all for small to mid-sized buisnesses. Thanks

  17. I am a credit card processor and I need a pitch that will help me be able to get business owners to sit down with me and that current credit card statement so my company can give them the best possible rates.

    I am not having any luck and missing out on alot of bonuses

    1. Thanks for a great question! There are still a few spots left on Thursday’s Elevator Pitch Workshop. By the end of this 90 minute webinar you’ll have a pitch that encourages business owners to bring you their credit card statement to see how you can help them. You can sign up here: Alternatively you can use our free Elevator Pitch Creator. It takes less than a minute to come up with a fully formed 30-Second Elevator Pitch. I look forward to working with you.

  18. I have a Project Management Meeting to attend tomorrow so I am trying to find the best way to pitch my ideas to my Boss in 2-3mins. The business I work is a Development Company for Commercial and Residential . Any suggestions?

    1. Kelsey, We got another two feet of snow here in Boston over the weekend so I fell behind. My apologies that I didn’t see your post before your meeting. How did it go?

    1. The easiest way to get started is to use our Elevator Pitch Creator. It’s free and takes less than a minute to answer a few questions and we’ll email you a fully formed 30-Second Elevator Pitch.

      Here’s the Elevator Pitch Creator:

      If you have any questions feel free to email me the results and I can offer some suggestions.

      1. Thank you for the reply. But I should have said that am looking to open up a bar/pub and the questions in the Elevator Pitch Creator do not apply.

        Hoping to hear from you soon. Thank you.

        1. Thanks for the clarification! So since you’re looking to open the bar/pub, does that mean you are looking for funding? In that case the Elevator Pitch Creator is still relevant, because investors want to understand who your customers are. Are they professionals stopping by for a drink after work? Are you a sports bar? Do you offer Karaoke or dancing? Do you have live music? What sort of food do you offer? Think about the ideal customer walking through your door, why they chose you over all the other options, and why the choice was perfect for what they’re looking for right now. Maybe they watched a sporting event with an enthusiastic crowd. Or they had a great dinner for their Bachelor Party. Or they wanted to try out some of the new craft beers that are available. Those specifics are where you start whether you’re looking to bring people in the door or looking to investors for funding.
          Hope that helps.

      2. Well all new businesses are accepting credit cards and need a #1 company to process with please contact me so I can help you get started. We specialize in POS systems and an MCA loan(not your traditional loan) you are borrowing money against your future earnings and pay back at a later date.

  19. Dear Sir,
    Im working in a logistics firm and im going to attend a sales conference on next week. My company asked to prepare for an elevator speech. So please suggest me what kind of topic i can choose for an 30 seconds speech.

    Looking forward your valuable reply.

    With regards,
    Binny Kuruvilla

    1. Thanks for a great question!

      The easiest way to choose a topic for your Elevator Pitch is to use our Elevator Pitch Creator. It’s free and takes less than a minute to answer a few questions and we’ll email you a fully formed 30-Second Elevator Pitch.

      Here’s the Elevator Pitch Creator:

      If you have any questions feel free to email me the results and I can offer some suggestions.

  20. Hi. I am fresh graduated on Financial and Banking and I have 2 years experience with Data Operator. Now I am applying a new job as Financial consultant and employer need 250 words pitching about why I should be the chosen one so please you help me. Thank you.

  21. I am an undergraduate student majoring in Civil Engineering and for my Intro to Civil Eng class I have to give a 60 sec elevator speech, but I can not come up with an interesting topic. Any ideas? It can be of any topic. Thankss

  22. I am currently enrolled college to seeking my Associate Degree in Information Technology(IT) I have the A+ and network + certifications . I am trying to prepare a elevator pitch presentation for 60 minutes that would make an employer want to speak to me again can you help me please

  23. I am working in a Company providing solutions to Schools. While making cold call, I like to pitch. Please help me.

    1. It sounds like you’re doing some great work. To get started, head over to the Elevator Pitch Creator ( It takes less than a minute to get a full pitch. If you have any questions feel free to email them to me with the results.

  24. I really like the elevator pitch creator. I finally have an elevator pitch that works. Thank you for your help!

    1. You’ve come to the right place! The first step is to use our free Elevator Pitch Creator. It takes less than a minute to answer a few questions, and we’ll send you a full 30-Second Elevator Pitch. If you have any questions email me the results and we’ll take it from there.
      Thank you.

  25. I am a customer Service Representative currently but earlier worked as a Business analyst. I have also currently updated my Business Analyst education in a reputed course. When I apply for a BA job how will I come up with a elevator pitch.

  26. Andy,

    I am entering my 2nd year as an insurance agent. I have tried to come up with a decent speach but continue to fail. I do not talk about me but my successes, still no real prospects to note. I sell P&C and life, need much more life but again not there yet. What are your sugesstions?

  27. hi, i am a real estate developer building homes and selling them. i am into a group of 60 peoples where every week we have to give 45 sec elevator pitch for our products. i am confused how to prepare the different pitch every week for presentation, plz help.

    1. You’ll be better off preparing one client success story as your Elevator Pitch, and then telling that same story every single week. People who are new to the group are hearing it for the first time, and people who attend every week will learn it well enough to start sharing it with the people they know. The real power of business networking is teaching other people to prospect for you. If you change your message every week, they can’t keep up. When you use the same message every week people will get to know you and trust you and share your message with all the people they know.
      Your pitch could be something like: “I was working with a business executive who couldn’t find an affordable house that was internet ready for his teenage daughters and included modern appliances for his wife. We showed him how we could build him a house that included all the modern amenities much faster and more affordably than finding one on the market. I’m happy to report that he and his family moved in to their new home a month ago.”
      Let us know how it goes!

  28. I have a elevator pitch competition tomorrow and I have been trying to come up with something to grab attention. I have a pitch but it sounds the the same old value proposition that everyone purports….. Best value, best products,competitive pricing. I have wholesale distribution company that specializes in government contracts. We align strategically with the worlds largest manufacturers. I WANT A REAL ATTENTION GETTER PITCH! PLEASE HELP!!!!!

    1. The fastest way to be attention-grabbing is to share a client success story.
      Pick a particular manufacturer that you work with.
      For your pitch, say “I work with some of the world’s largest manufacturers, so let me share a particular success story.”
      Then talk about that specific manufacturer (use their name if you are able) in terms of how they found you, what they were looking for, what you did for them, and how they benefited.
      The more specific, the better.
      Let us know how the competition goes!

  29. I am currently enrolled at a local college to seeking my Bachelors Degree in Accounting. I am trying to prepare a presentation between 2-3 minutes that would make an employer want to speak to me again.

    1. Hi Douglas,
      Thanks for posting a great question.
      Employers want to know what you’re like to work with, so the best approach for a 2-3 minute talk is to talk about the best project you’ve ever worked on. What was the project? What was your role? What obstacles did you face? How did you address them? What did success on the project look like?
      And remember that the goal isn’t always to be invited back. The goal is to be invited back for the right kinds of opportunities. By giving details about the best work you’ve done, you’ll attract the attention of the right kinds of employers.
      Good luck!

  30. I am a manufacturing head at reputed transmission factory in an automobile field. I would like to present 30 second speech about manufacturing of transmissions.

    1. You’ve come to the right place!
      Who are you going to present the speech to? (i.e. investors, potential vendors, potential customers, your executive team, …)
      And what is the purpose of the speech? (i.e. raise awareness, grow your client base, get R&D investment for the next generation of transmission, …)
      Let me know and we can take it from there…

    2. I am attempting to get businesses to hire veterans, transitioning service members and their spouses. How do I create an elevator pitch for that?

      1. It sounds like you are doing some great work! The best place to start developing an Elevator Pitch is with our Elevator Pitch Creator It takes less than a minute to answer a few questions then we send you a full Elevator Pitch. If you have any questions just forward me the results and I’ll take a look.

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