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ding dong. Ding Dong. DING DONG. I hustle to the door, figuring that it might be an emergency, but the mad doorbell ringers have vanished leaving only two small bags of treats that say “Boo! You’ve been ghosted.”

I’m very new to this tradition.

Reverse trick-or-treating in the days leading up to Halloween.

You anonymously leave treats at someone’s door,

And they then have to do the same to someone else.

Kind of like a Secret Santa, just more unexpected and much more delicious.

And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because, without knowing it, a lot of people take this hit-and-run approach to business networking.

They show up at an event,

Hand out cards,

Offer free consultations,

Talk about making connections,

Then poof.

They vanish.

Like they never existed.

Leaving you wondering why you even bother going to networking events.

Here’s why:

For every nine hit-and-run networkers,

There’s one person who does get it.

Who wants to start a conversation.

Who will respond to a follow up.

Who’s as interested in getting to know you as you are them.

Forget about the ones that disappear.

Focus on getting to know the people who do return your calls.

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