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Going for Gold

The Olympics is the only place where you can be third best in the world, and not qualify for the finals.

That’s some serious competition.

And many people mistakenly treat business networking like the Olympic finals.

They’re looking to leave their first networking event with a shiny memento of their sales genius.

That’s a lot of pressure, and a big mistake.

Because no one wins a gold medal at their first event.


First they practice.


For years.

Then they compete locally.

Then nationally.

Then at the worlds.

Then, when they get to the Olympics, they start with the preliminaries.

Then it’s the semifinals.

Then, if they’ve made it that far, it’s time for the big show.

That’s when they go for gold.

Up until the finals, the only goal is to get to the next round.

And business networking events?

People go for gold way too early.

Because the event, any networking event, is merely the preliminary.

You loosen up.

Get to know the field.

Give people a glimpse (just a glimpse) of your capabilities.

Then it’s on to the semifinals.

Sitting down for coffee.

Not with everyone.

With the select few.

The few who make the cut.

The finals?

That’s when a lead requests a proposal.

Ahhh. Writing proposals.

That’s where you wow them with your best stuff.

That’s when gold’s on the line.

Their gold, for your value.

Remember, that it’s a process.

Networking events, to conversations over coffee, to leads that request proposals.

They never award gold medals at the preliminaries.

Want more gold?

Keep the process moving forward.

Then go for gold when there is actually gold to be won.

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