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Seventeen years of frustration and stress evaporate Monday morning at 6:07am in the 3-digit number glowing on my scale at my weekly weigh-in.


I’ve lost 22 pounds since Thanksgiving.


And so

for the first time in 17 years

I am no longer trying to lose weight.

It’s gone.

And surprisingly disconcerting.

Like I said goodbye to an old friend.

A friend that nagged me.

Nudged me.

Harped on me.


For 17 years.


That friend.

I feel lighter now than just the 22 pounds I lost.

That’s for sure.

And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because so many people drag extra weight

With them to every networking event

In the form of a pitch that they just don’t know how to fix.

It’s the mantra of the beleaguered business networker:

“Yeah, I really need to update my pitch”

As though it’s some badge of honor

Not to be confident

Of the right thing to say

To start the conversations

That lead to leads.

Especially when differentiating

Is simply a matter of sharing

Your most recent client success story.

Ready to fix your pitch?

Scroll down to our Elevator Pitch Creator.

It only takes two minutes

To distill your years of experience

Into an Elevator Pitch that

Grabs your prospect’s attention.

Let’s get started! Share the story of your most recent client success:

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