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Green Tail

I tear our family room apart, twice, after bedtime has already started, desperately looking for my 3-year-old’s “Little Ariel” doll, only to discover her in my daughter’s room, hiding her green tail.

You see,

Earlier that day,

In my 3-year-old daughter’s creative mind,

Ariel married Prince Eric.

So she put her in a white dress.

Silly me.

I was looking for a green tail.

And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because so many people

End up hiding

What they do

Behind fancy sounding words.

They don’t mean to.

But by the time they’re done

Dressing it up

To sound important,

Or expansive,

Or clever,

It doesn’t look anything like

What people are actually looking for.

And that’s a big missed opportunity.

So if your Elevator Pitch gets a lot of

Hmmm…, or


Instead of “How do you do that?”

Maybe you’re talking about a white dress

When people are looking for a green tail.

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