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Guessing Games

My wife and I exchange “Did you…?” and “Where?” glances each December morning as our three-year-old opens her eyes, springs from her bed, and exclaims “Where Elfie?” as she careens down the hall in search of our “Elf on the Shelf.”

See, while my three-year-old is fast out of the gate

She rapidly loses momentum

On the daily hunt for Santa’s helper.

If we don’t guide her to the answer,

She’ll lose interest after about, oh, say, 30 seconds.

And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because like our daughter,

Your prospects are not interested in extended games of hide-and-seek.

They want to be led to the answer.


Yet so many people make a guessing game out of their Elevator Pitch,

Because they are not themselves sure of the answer.

Yet it’s so important

Not to ask your prospect

To help you figure it out.

Start with the answer.

The benefits of working with you.

From the point of view of an actual delighted customer.

Anything else is playing games

And your prospects will lose interest.


Are you still guessing what’s important to your prospects?

Happy Networking!

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