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Hardest Working Fridge

My two-year-old freezes mid-sashay and glares at the refrigerator, clearly annoyed that her bid for attention has been upstaged by…

An appliance.

“Wat dat?”

“It’s the refrigerator, sweetheart.”

She tilts her head quizzically.

“Wat doing?”

“Well, it’s making ice.”

It’s a quirk of our house.

Several times a day

The valve opens up

And water rushes in.

It sounds like Niagara Falls.

Just to make ice.

It’s the kind of fridge activity you wouldn’t usually notice.

But we do.

Every time.

Which gives us the hardest working fridge in town.

And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because doing the best work doesn’t lead to leads.

Describing your work the best does.

As long as you’re consistent in your approach.

Saying it once isn’t enough.

Which is why you want to give

The same exact Elevator Pitch

The same way.

Every time.

Even though you think everyone has heard it (the new people haven’t).

Even though you think everyone’s tired of it (they aren’t).

The more people hear the same Elevator Pitch

The more they get to know you

The more they trust you

And the more opportunities they have to think of great referrals for you.

You wouldn’t expect to close a sale the first time you meet someone.

And you wouldn’t expect them to hand over a referral either.

Both take trust.

How do you develop trust?

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