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Without a network of trusted advisors, I would have arrived home on Monday with frozen ears and two icicles for children.

“Sir, is this your hat.” (It had fallen out of my pocket)

“Sir, you lost your hat.” (Another hat had fallen off my sleeping toddler’s head)

Good thing strangers were looking out for me.

Because at 10 degrees weaving a double stroller through downtown traffic I wouldn’t have noticed.

Until ears were falling off.

Fortunately when you’re pushing a stroller everyone goes out of their way to help.

It’s just like Business Networking.

People want to help.

Send you referrals.

Share opportunities.

Pick up your hats…

Here are 3 ways to make sure people are looking out for you:

1. Check In

Invite a member of your business network to coffee.

Not a customer.

Not a prospect.

You’re not there to sell.

You’re there to share your client success stories.

And listen to theirs.

That’s what leads to referrals.

When was the last time  you had a 1-on-1 with a member of your business network?

2. Check Out

People are always giving you information.

Follow up.

Attend events.

Call leads.

Share events you’re attending.

Articles you’ve read.

And inspiring websites.

Check out all the opportunities that cross your desk.

How quickly do you follow up on opportunities from your business network?

3. Stick Around

Trust develops over time.

Unless you’re pushing a baby stroller.

I’ve knocked heads with people who are also leaning down to pick up my child’s dropped toy.

People will be just as helpful to you when you share a clear and consistent Elevator Pitch.

What are you doing to develop trust through your business network?

 Happy Networking!

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