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My three-year-old daughter confides in my wife that she will only play dollies with Daddy if he promises not to say “hello.”

Sounds strange.

But I’m more than willing to make that promise.

Only to discover,

Much to my horror,

That the only thing I can think to say

When I start playing dollies is…

You guessed it.


Now, in my defense,

I spend a lot of time with hello.

That’s my job, after all.

Teaching people to start conversations.

Yet my daughter’s not wrong.

As we play I keep catching myself wanting to say


And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because it’s so easy to get locked in a rut.

To say something because it’s comfortable to say it.

Even if it’s not getting the results you want.

I know that once I decided to change my Elevator Pitch

It took several months to actually say the new one.

I would rehearse and rehearse and rehearse the new one,

And still blurt out the old one.

Hard habit to break.

So today, ask yourself

How do you start your Elevator Pitch?

Go ahead and type your first few words in a comment below.

Then check out this article on other things you can say.

Now, and this is the tricky part,

Type in a new start for your Elevator Pitch

A new first few words

Into a different comment.

Then use that new Elevator Pitch this coming week.

Try out a new hello and let me know what kind of response you get.

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