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Holiday Networking Tips – Conversation Starters

‘Tis the season to… start conversations!

This time of year, everyone has a story –

…they’re going somewhere
…relatives are visiting them
…their kids (or grand kids) are around

It’s easy and non-awkward to start conversations about holiday plans. Just ask:

“Are you staying local for the holidays or traveling somewhere?”

You’ll instantly learn something about them – their hometown, their siblings, their kids, their grand kids…

And it doesn’t stop there!

They’ll probably ask the same of you, so be prepared.

Just answer with a detail or two.

“We’re going to my wife’s family in New Jersey.”

“We’re hosting 23 people this year.”

“My daughter invited us to her place in Colorado.”

You’ll be surprised how many people also have family from New Jersey, or are attending even larger gatherings, or have been to Colorado.

That’s the way you make connections!

So… what does this have to do with business networking?


Business networking is starting conversations.

It’s getting to know people.

Pro Tip: After you leave an event, jot down the details you learned about each person. Then, – here’s the best part! – the next time you talk to them, you can ask about their trip, or their daughter, or their special stuffing recipe. Instant conversation!

And it gives you a reason to follow up after the holiday – about them.

Ask them about their trip.

Ask them about their daughter.

Ask them about their special stuffing recipe.

That’s a great way to strengthen your connections!

What conversations are you starting this holiday season?

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