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Hot Water

“Oh goodie, are we having tea?” I ask my 3-year-old daughter as she announces that the hot water in her plastic teapot is ready. “No Daddy,” she rebukes me, since I clearly wasn’t listening. “We’re having hot water.”

I’ve got to admit.

It was the best hot water I’ve ever had.

And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because sometimes hot water

Is just hot water.

No need to gussie it up.

Yet so many people

Try so hard

To make their Elevator Pitch

Sound like more than it is.

It’s wasted effort.

And it’s confusing.

For example,

There’s a food product

In my cabinet

That claims to offer the 

“Finest quality eating experience.”

Have you ever heard

Any of your friends

Say that anything offered the

“Finest quality eating experience?”

I doubt it.

No one talks that way.

We like the croutons because they taste good.

And your Elevator Pitch will be much more effective

When you sound less like a marketer,

And more like you’re talking to your friends.

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