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How Drew Carey Hijacked My Elevator Pitch

Every time I try to answer “What do you do,” Drew Carey appears at my elbow to hijack the conversation.

Like the party bore

He’s there by my side.

Drawing attention.

Sidetracking conversations.

Ruining my Elevator Pitch.

See, I used to start my Elevator Pitch:

“I use improvisational…”

I’d like to share the rest of that Elevator Pitch with you.

I really would.

I worked really hard on it.

I was really proud of it.

And it didn’t matter.

It never did.

Because once people hear “improvisation,”

They want to talk about Drew Carey.

As though he’s standing right there next to me.

And while I have enormous respect for Drew Carey as a comedic talent.

He has no business in a conversation about Elevator Pitch Coaching.

He’s a distraction.

A distraction from conversations that lead to leads.

And so the question for you is:

Who’s hijacking your Elevator Pitch?

What do you spend most of your time talking about at business networking events?

If it’s anything other than your business.

Anything other than how you delight your very best customers.

Then you’ve been hijacked!

How do you escape the party bore?


Answer “What do you do?” with:

I work with <a group of people> who want to <take an action>.

Here are some examples:

I work with business professionals who want to improve their Elevator Pitch.

I work with first-time home buyers who want to find an affordable mortgage.

I work with small business owners who want to update their website themselves.

I work with entrepreneurs who want to retire before they turn 40.

Even Drew Carey can’t muscle in on that conversation.

What do you do?

2 comments on “How Drew Carey Hijacked My Elevator Pitch

  1. Hey Andy,

    Great stuff man… I’ve been hijacked to. Now, and because of this post, I feel liberated from any further hijackings!

    Stay focused. Stay diligent. Stay you,

    ~ John Gosselin

    1. John,

      Glad to hear that hijackings are a thing of the past! There’s nothing to fear at networking events, as long as you’re not being stalked by a celebrity…

      Happy Networking!

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