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How to Avoid Being an Overly Aggressive Elevator (Pitch)

The elevator loudly rumbles down to the ground floor and the door slowly creaks open.

As my daughter and I take a step across the threshold, the suddenly animated and mischievous door emits a high-pitched beep because we are in the way, then jiggles back and forth like it’s itching to crush us.

We jump back and the door triumphantly closes.

Exchanging bewildered glances, we look back at the closed door of the only elevator in the building.

Then we push the button again, brace ourselves for its erratic behavior, and leap together onto the platform while the maniacal jiggle door whines in protest.

And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because this unpredictable elevator, like an off-putting Elevator Pitch, scared us off instead of welcoming us in.

It reminds me of a particular client who hesitates before she shares a section of her Elevator Pitch with me.

“I hate this,” she says. “But I was told to put it in.”

I could tell before she read it that her instincts were right.

It had no business in her pitch.

No business at all.

Here’s the golden rule: If it doesn’t resonate with you, it won’t resonate with your audience either.

People can sense when you’re not being you, and that incongruence can be as jarring as an erratic elevator door.

And just as you would avoid an elevator that’s know for aggressive doors, people will avoid a pitch that’s too aggressive, too long, or too confusing. 

In the end, your Elevator Pitch, much like a reliable elevator, should transport people smoothly from unaware to curious to genuine interest.

Any jolts or bumps along the path and you’ll lose them.

“A lot of people have complained about that,” the doctor says when we tell him.

It was fixed the next week.

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