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How to Make Your Message Memorable using Elevator Pitch Landmarks

“You seriously turned off GPS?!?!?!”

My daughter makes no attempt to hide the disbelief in her voice.

It’s the fourth day of driving her to camp and I’ve memorized the route.


It’s a 20 minute drive with only 7 turns, but that middle turn is tricky.

So, in a bout of overconfidence, I challenge myself to navigate the morning drive without my GPS.

And as I careen down that road, with no technology to rely on, trying to remember the elusive turn, the solution pops into my head.

And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because a compelling Elevator Pitch isn’t just about what you do; it’s about giving people a clear reason and a specific moment to call you.

For example:

Before you implement any employee policies (business lawyer)

After you buy a house (contractors, painters)

When you’re setting up your school bus routes (transportation safety consultant)

How about you?

What’s the landmark you want people to associate with you?

What’s the problem they’re facing that makes you pop into their head.

On the drive to camp, the landmark is the Bubbling Brook Ice Cream Shop.

That turn’s not so tricky now that I’m looking for the enormous parking lot with the long lines of people snaking through it.

You want it to be just as easy for the people who are trying to find you.

So, I’m curious: What are the landmarks in your Elevator Pitch?

What are the moments or triggers that make clients think of you?

Share your thoughts in the comments; I love to hear from you!

2 comments on “How to Make Your Message Memorable using Elevator Pitch Landmarks

  1. Good one, Andy! I hadn’t thought about this. It’s a big list. For starters…

    Do not elect a pension option without a financial plan.

    Do not rollover a 401k without a financial plan.

    Do not elect Social Security without a financial plan.

    Do not move to any kind of housing complex for seniors without a financial plan.

    Do not sell your business without a financial plan.

    Not everyone needs the help of a financial planner, but everyone should have a plan.

    1. Alan – I’m so glad this opened the floodgates for you! Those are all great points and excellent moments for people to think of calling you. I look forward to seeing how you incorporate it into your Elevator Pitch!

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