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I forgot to mention…

A commercial printer shakes his head as he approaches me at a recent networking event with the most common Elevator Pitch self-criticism.

“I forgot to mention that I also…”

As though his Elevator Pitch

Is some sort of test

Of how much information

He can cram into 30 seconds.

It’s an indication that he’s using the laundry list approach.

List everything he does

Every aspect of every product and service

As fast as he can

In hopes that something catches someone’s attention.

Just one problem.

The Elevator Pitch doesn’t work that way.

You see, laundry lists aren’t that interesting.

Because they are all the same.

Commercial printers offer digital, offset, binding, business cards, sales sheets, blah, blah,


What’s interesting

Is how his clients use him to solve real world business challenges.

So I ask him about a recent client success.

And he talks about helping a company

Meet a tight deadline

For getting marketing materials in place for a big product launch.

Turns out, his customers aren’t out there looking for digital, offset, or binding.

They want materials to support a product launch.

And that’s an easier referral to bring to him.

A company that’s under a tight deadline for a product launch.

It has nothing to do with a laundry list of services

And everything to do with business challenges.

What’s the biggest business challenge your prospects face?

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