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Ice Cream at Fenway Park

The most frustrating thing isn’t that I’m standing in the longest concession line in the bottom of the fourth inning on a picture perfect Saturday afternoon at Fenway Park.


It’s that the line that snakes across the Big Concourse, bisects the 100th anniversary Buy-A-Bricks, darts between two picnic tables, and wraps itself around the peanut cart isn’t for beer or hot dogs or pretzels.


I’m waiting for ice cream.

Apparently, my two-year-old

Is not the only toddler

Who had the brilliant idea

To get ice cream

While the Red Sox are at bat.

In fact, by my count,

We are the 23rd parent-toddler pairing in line

With more piling up behind us

While the ice cream output tops out at about one order every two-and-a-half minutes.

“Wouldn’t you rather have a hot dog?” I ask hopefully.

Wide eyes under a mop of curly brown hair express her opinion more strongly than her words.

“Ice cream!”

I settle in for the long wait

And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because I never would have expected a line for ice cream.

Hot dogs? Yes.

Pretzels? Certainly.

Beer? Always.

Ice cream?

It’s a whole side of Fenway that I never knew existed.

Fenway with a toddler.

Hidden from anyone who’s actually there to watch baseball.

It has its own rhythms.

Its own rules.

Beer and hot dogs? Walk right on up.

Ice cream?

Sorry. That’s a 20 minute wait.

The world as I know it has gone upside down.

And it can seem the same way with your prospects.

They have their own rhythms.

Their own rules.

Their own way of looking at the world.

Hidden from view.

The opposite of what you’d expect.

So how do you develop an Elevator Pitch that speaks their language?

Ask your top clients

“Do you mind sharing the top three reasons you decided to work with me?”

The answers that surprise you

More than an ice cream line at Fenway

Are the best foundation for an engaging Elevator Pitch.

What are your customers top three reasons?

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