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Ice Melt (for your Elevator Pitch)

My 7-year old daughter enthusiastically picks up two shovelfuls of snow Monday morning then comes running to find me.

“Daddy, what is ice melt?”

She interrupts my explanation.

“Does it work on snow?”

I give her credit. Even at 7 she’s looking for a shortcut.

And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because so many people think that the Elevator Pitch is a shortcut.

A shortcut for relationships.

A shortcut for sales.

A shortcut for career advancement.

A shortcut for business growth.

The Elevator Pitch, when used correctly, is the single best way to break the ice and get into the conversations that lead to all those other things.

But it’s not a shortcut.

You still have to talk to people to strengthen relationships.

You still have to sell, just now to people who are already enthusiastic about your offer.

You still have to have a track record of doing outstanding work.

You still have to deliver on all the promises your sales team makes.

The Elevator Pitch starts the right conversations with the right people.


First I’d like to share the reason I know that ice melt won’t work on 7 inches of snow…


Because I’ve tried it.

Ok, ok. You got me. I look for shortcuts too.

Don’t we all?

I’ve broken Elevator Pitches down and built them up again block by block.

I’ve ripped them apart and tried to fit the ragged pieces back together.

I’ve tried out some really bad ideas in front of some very live audiences.

So just like with the snow, I know what works, and what will just be a waste of time.

If you’re tired of wasting time on your Elevator Pitch, I hope you’ll join me Feb 28th for the Elevator Pitch Workshop.

Here’s the deal:

For $99 I will help you write a 30-Second Elevator Pitch that’s fun to say, easy to memorize, and sounds like you, by March 3rd.

Here are the full details.

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