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If it’s on a fork, I will eat it

My 15-month-old daughter likes pasta.

With butter sauce.

And Parmesan Cheese.

Lots of Parmesan Cheese.

But to make it really appealing:

Put it on a fork.

Her fork.

That’s right.

Apparently everything is tastier on her fork.

She tries new foods.

She cleans her plate.

If it’s on her fork.

And it got me thinking. Here are

3 Elevator Pitch Tips from my 15-month-old, a pasta dinner, and an Elmo fork.

1. Make It Enticing

The fork is the hook.

That’s what gets her attention.

Here’s a great blog entry about one writer’s process of putting together an Elevator Pitch.

Marcy starts off talking about comfort zones, food, fitness, and challenges.

In her final edit (down to 140 characters), she clearly defines what she means by challenge:

Riding a mechanical bull, shooting a gun, eating vegan for a week.

Now those sound like interesting stories.

How do you get your prospect’s attention?

2. Happy Accidents

Toddlers keep you guessing.

So will your prospects.

When you stumble on something that works, use it!

The novelty of the fork wore off after a few days.

Not before she tried a lot of new foods.

I’m speaking mainly to women’s groups right now.

I get funny looks when I’m asking for the “Downtown Women’s Club.”

And I get funnier looks when I say (in my Elevator Pitch) that a good lead is a woman’s networking group.

It’s filling up my speaking schedule.

And generating lots of great business opportunities.

Are you willing to follow the trends in your business?

3. Consistency

We have dinner at the same time every night.

Different foods.

Different utensils.

Sometimes it’s the Elmo bowl.

Sometimes Dora.

Sometimes we eat on the couch.

Still, dinner time is every night around 6:15.

That helps.

Some things change.

Some things don’t.

Forks were a fad.

Dinner goes on.

Speaking mainly to women’s clubs is a fad.

Elevator Pitch Keynotes go on.

Stick to your message.

They’ll come around.

How consistently do you deliver your message?

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