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“Where pins?” my three-year-old asks quizzically as we cross the Mass Pike bridge last Wednesday on Brookline Ave heading towards Kenmore Square leaving “Take My Daughter To Fenway Park Day” behind in the middle of the second inning.

“What sweatheart?”

“Where pins?”

My frantic father mind recaps everything I’m supposed to have with me.

Lammys? In the car.

Souvenir ice cream baseball helmet? Cleaned. In the diaper bag.

Binkys? In my pocket.


I have no idea what she means.

“High five!” she offers expectantly.

As if that clarifies everything.

Now I’m really stumped.

I shrug it off.

Let’s face it.

Sometimes three-year-olds talk nonsense.

Turns out, this is not one of those times.

My mind races as I negotiate her along the sidewalk balancing her baseball loot, snugglies, and diaper bag while fishing out my keys.


Now I remember.

Lucky Strike Lanes.

Earlier, when crossing that same bridge towards Fenway Park.

The local bowling alley.

Lucky Strike Lanes.

Has two people dressed as Bowling Pins on the sidewalk.

Greeting the Fenway crowd.

My daughter gives one of them a high-five.

And now, back in that same location, she wonders where they have gone.

“The pins probably went back to the bowling alley, sweetie.”


“Because that’s where they live.”

Satisfied, she starts contemplating the next cosmic mystery.

And I start thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because you’d think.

That bowling pins.

On Brookline Ave.

Would be memorable.

Lucky Strike certainly expects them to be.

But for me, after three hours of chasing a three-year-old around Fenway Park.

Those pins are the last thing on my mind.

And that’s a good thing.

Here are 3 Reasons to Make Your Elevator Pitch Invisible:

1. Who

I no longer hold the majority buying power in my household.

My children do.

See, I’m not supposed to remember the pins.

My daughter is.

And she does.

I haven’t been bowling in years.

And if my daughter wants to go bowling.

I’ll take her.

Your Elevator Pitch should be invisible to non-decision makers.

It’s the first step in qualifying prospects.

Forget the people who ignore your message.

Focus on the ones who are drawn to it.

Qualified Prospects!

Who remembers your pitch?

2. When

My daughter now associates.

Crossing the Brookline Ave bridge.

With bowling.

She’ll most likely mention bowling pins again next year.

As we cross that bridge.

Heading to Fenway Park.

Especially if those pins are there again.

And you have a similar opportunity with your Elevator Pitch.

The more you reinforce your Elevator Pitch.

The more people will remember it.

When they’re in the perfect situation to think of you.

When do prospects remember your pitch?

3. Why

Your biggest opportunity.

At a networking event.

Isn’t finding actual prospects.

It’s finding people who know your prospects.

The same way my daughter reminded me about the bowling pins.

You want your business network.

To remind your prospects.

Of your services.

When it’s the right time for them.

That’s the real power of the Elevator Pitch.

Are you networking to find prospects or people who know your prospects?

Happy Networking!

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