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Is Business Networking a Talent or a Skill?

The 7 year old in my music class plays the piano beautifully – better than I ever imagined I could.

He was in the class with his mom.

“So talented” all us adults marvel as we whisper wide-eyed to each other.

“Now hang on a second,” our instructor prepares to snap us back to reality.

He says “watch this,” and pointedly asks the kid “so how much do you practice each day?”

The kid thinks for a minute.

“3 hours”

A day?

Our instructor looks smug as he explains that what looks like talent is usually skill.

When I was laid off in 2002 I practiced the piano for two hours a day.

Sure enough, I got a LOT better. So much so that some of that skill lingers today.

People look naturally talented, when in reality they are doing a lot of reps – they practice and practice the skills to get better.

It’s true for

…and yes, business networking.

So what are the business networking skills?

There are five – I remember them using the letters in PITCH.

Pick the right events
Identify the right people
Trust develops over multiple conversations
Connect using professional referrals
Hello again – follow up without being annoying

Great. So – how do you practice?

That why I founded the Virtual Networking Group.

We practice being clear and concise.

We practice starting conversations.

We practice making connections.

We practice developing trust.

And we practice showing up again and again to keep the conversations going as we get to know people.

Now that networking has gone virtual, you can join us from anywhere.

And I hope you will.

Business networking is a set of skills.

Join us and get better.

The Virtual Networking Group



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