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Is your Elevator Pitch an Envelope or Postcard?

The solution turns out to be obvious, but only after several weeks of repeatedly bashing my head against the internet.

The problem is no secret – my empty inbox taunts me every hour.

I have zero signups for my online workshop.

So I rewrite my landing page.

Then I rewrite it again.

Then I read books on writing great landing pages.

Inspired, I rewrite my landing page again.

And again.

And again.




That’s when I catch sight of my landing page stats.

Guess how many page views there are for my landing page.



That’s right. Zero views of my landing page.

I’m spending hours rewriting something that no one has seen.

And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because so many people try to create “intrigue.”

They say things like “amplify your brand,” or “improve your online presence,” or “increase drivers of business value.”

They’re hoping people will ask questions.

But that’s like handing a person an envelope and waiting for them to open it – while you stand there watching.

That’s awkward…

It’s a lot of pressure on them, and even more pressure on you, because you’re trying to compel them to open the envelope.

That feels manipulative – not a good start to a conversation.

What if, instead, you present them with a postcard.

Nothing to open, nothing to decipher.

It’s right there in front of them.

I was taking the envelope approach to my landing page.

I was trying to get people to click on a link to get to the landing page.

Finally – and this is the key insight – I send them straight to the landing page.

Sign ups come pouring in.

You don’t want people to decipher a code, or make a leap, or face confusion.

You want to hit them, clearly and concisely, right between the eyes

“I write email newsletters for accountants.”

“I update websites of clothing retailers for COVID.”

“I sell manufacturing businesses for higher prices.”

A postcard – not an envelope.

Want to “post-card-ize” your Elevator Pitch?

Click here to get started


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