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Last Ones Seated

We show up 10 minutes before curtain to recitals for two different dance companies last weekend. At the first, we are the first ones in the theater and they hold the curtain for 15 minutes as latecomers stream into the auditorium, then seat an additional handful of people after each dance. At the second recital, we are the last ones seated.

What’s the difference?

Well, the first dance company doesn’t start on time.

And everyone knows it.

You won’t miss anything by being a few minutes late.

The second dance company… let’s just say that everyone knows that they start exactly on time.

Every time.

And if you’re late, you’ll miss seeing your little cherub up on the stage.

And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because neither approach is wrong

As long as expectations are clear.

If you respond to calls and emails immediately, you’ll attract people who do the same.

If you get back to people eventually, they will too.

Your business network is a reflection of how you interact with people.

And that’s great news!

Because you can set whatever expectations you like:

  • How long it takes to respond to emails and phone calls
  • How often you call someone for no reason
  • How many people you have coffee with each week
  • How often you attend your networking group meetings
  • How frequently you publish your monthly email newsletter

What expectation frustrates you the most in your business network?

One comment on “Last Ones Seated

  1. No response from the emails I send to clients, prospects, referrers… How long does it take to dash off a brief reply? Call you next week. Check with me in 10 days… Go away, stop bothering me! Anything is better than nothing!

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