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It’s the last day of our Disney World vacation and my three and four year old daughters are on the verge of their third meltdown this hour over who gets to be lefty.

That’s right.

They’re locked in battle

Over who gets to sit

On the left-hand side of the stroller.


Apparently the combination of


Over-stimulation, and


Create an all-consuming focus.

An unwillingness to compromise.

And yes, amid the


Hair pulling, and


It gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because that kind of extreme focus

While frustrating in children at Disney World

Is very valuable in your Elevator Pitch.

My kids could sit anywhere,

Yet at this moment

They both want to sit

In the left hand seat

Of this stroller.


You can work with anyone.

You can.

But that doesn’t help people

Identify your prospects.

So instead,

Tell people you work with

Mothers of teenage children, or

Empty nest home-buyers who are downsizing, or

CEO’s who have between 6 and 18 months on the job, or

Men in the 40’s in their second marriage.

It seems backwards.

Won’t you miss opportunities

When you narrow your focus?


You’ll actually get more opportunities.

Because when you ask for anyone

You get no one.

And when you ask for people in Arlington who are named Ken

You’ll get a handful of highly qualified prospects

Which will lead to more

And better opportunities.

It’s not about changing what you offer.

It’s about changing

How you talk about

What you offer.

Ready to get started?

Scroll down to the comments.

Type in who you work with.

I’ll offer some ideas

On narrowing your focus

To get you better leads.

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