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Let’s work on your Elevator Pitch

I wanted to share some before and after examples from my 7 Word Elevator Pitch program.

Here are the Elevator Speeches I created for a French teacher, CRM software, a hospital administrator, a leadership trainer a financial advisor, and more…

Elevator Speech for a Financial Advisor

Before: “I help businessmen and corporate employees manage and build their wealth and investments.”


That describes every financial person I’ve ever met.

And there are two issues.

First, any time you say “and” in an Elevator Pitch, people just tune out.

If you stand for one thing, they know how and when to approach you.

If you stand for more than one, then they’re not sure what you want, so they won’t approach you at all.

Never say “and” in your Elevator Pitch.

You have to pick one.

Second, nobody is really looking to build their wealth.

I mean, that’s not what families sit around talking about.

“Hey honey, let’s spend this weekend building our wealth!”


They’re worried about educating their kids.

Or affording their next family vacation.

Or some other specific thing they need money for.

After: I help high-salaried employees fund their kids’ education.”

Elevator Pitch Example for a French Teacher

Before: “I teach young professionals how to speak French”

This actually is a good start.

The problem is that it’s not what she really wants to do.

And it doesn’t do justice to her much deeper level of expertise.

See, she has lived and worked at Director level positions in France, Switzerland, and England.

She has inside information on how to negotiate with people in all those cultures.

Inside information on how work gets done over there.

So yes, teaching the language is part of it.

The bigger value she offers is with strategy.

After: “I help US companies introduce products in France.”

Elevator Pitch for a Hospital Administrator

Before: I give patients a better experience


Very vague.

Very very vague.

What kind of patients?


Trauma patients?

Dental patients?

Just to name a few…

And what sort of experience?

Faster healing time?

Shorter wait times?

More affordable care?

You can probably think of many more.

So we focused on a particular project she had worked on as a hospital administrator.

The Elevator Pitch now speaks for itself.

After: “I help rehab centers reduce appointment wait times from three weeks to two days.”

Elevator Pitch example for Commercial Real Estate

Before: I help companies optimize real estate decisions

“Optimize” is one of those words that sounds great when you say it and doesn’t really mean anything to the people you’re talking to.

Because people don’t think in terms of optimizing things.

They want to shorten their commute.

They want to make more money.

They want to buy a bigger house.

They are all examples of optimizing, for sure, but they think in those words rather than optimizing their career or real estate.

So in a minute we’ll find a different phrase for optimize.

There’s the same issue with “Real Estate Decisions”

Nobody is sitting around thinking they have to make real estate decisions.

They need to move.

They need to expand.

They need to downsize.

Again, all examples of decisions about real estate.

But people will not make the connection that the need to downsize is a real estate decision.

So you miss out on a great potential opportunity

We want to be clearer about what kind of company and exactly what that company is trying to do.

After: “I help trucking companies find warehouse space that’s closer to the highway”

Elevator Speech template for a Leadership Trainer

Before: I’m a project manager

So, first off, everyone is a project manager.


That’s what work is.

You have to figure out what to do and then do it.

And whether you’re managing armies of people or just yourself,

You’re better off talking about a particular project.

Turns out that this guy loves doing day long trainings.

And he spent a while telling me about the 5 values.

And the strategy sessions.

And creating self-awareness in the workplace.

And working together better.

But that describes the process.

And your Elevator Pitch is always about results.

About the problem they are eager to solve.

After: “I design and facilitate day-long offsite training sessions for Fortune 500 management teams.”

Elevator Pitch Sample for CRM software

Before: I work with health clubs on their sales management

I really like the health club part of this.

That’s quite specific.

Sales management, however…

Not sure what that means.

So it turns out that this guy sells computer software that automates the process of selling memberships.

His target is sales managers.

And how do sales managers in health clubs earn their bonuses?

By signing up new members.

After: I help sales managers at health clubs increase membership sales

His feedback after the session: “Andy, great workshop today! In 10 minutes you delivered something I’ve worked at forever.”

Folks, there’s no need to struggle for another minute with your Elevator Pitch.

Just sign up for my next workshop or my private coaching programs.

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