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Locked Out

I instantly regret my split-second decision to not grab my keys before chasing my three-year-old daughter into the back yard as I hear the door click shut behind me and assume that I am locked out.

That’s why I always take my keys.


To avoid just this situation

Where I’m home with my two daughters

Locked outside with one of them.

Maybe the four year old can let me back in,

If she can reach the doorknob

And if,

From outside,

I can somehow distract her from the TV…

Turns out, though,

I panicked too soon.

Way too soon.

The door wasn’t locked.


Ready for the punchline?

I had my keys anyway.

Right there with me

In my pocket.

And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because so many people

Are looking for the magic key

To unlock better

Better business networking opportunities.

The right person.

The right event.

The right group.

It reminds me of an end-of-summer party many years ago.

The camp staff had heard all the wild stories

About the previous year’s party,

And they were sitting around the table

Waiting for it to happen to them…

Thing is, the previous year’s party was legendary

Because that year’s staff had made it so.

This year’s staff was expecting it to come to them.

They were disappointed.

They had no idea that it was all up to them.

All within their control.

And business networking is the same.

It’s not about finding the right event.

It’s about spotting better opportunities

At the events you already attend.

Making it the right event.

By starting conversations

Scheduling 1-on-1’s

And attracting projects and introductions.

You develop trust.

One conversation

One interaction

One project at a time.

It takes work, yeah.

But it’s not hard work.

And it’s much more fun than cold call selling.


Business networking is… making friends.

So attend an event.

Any event.

Get to know some people.

Any of the people there.

Start developing your own trusted advisor network.

That’s business networking.

Who did you meet this week?

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