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Look What I Found!

A simple change in nighttime routine switches my daughters’ attitudes from demanding to delight.

It turns out that they only like two of the three vitamin shapes from the Flintstones vitamins.

So every night I give them a Pebbles and a Dino.

Until there are only Freds left.

And then they’re disappointed each night until the bottle runs out.

Next, I open a bottle of Doc McStuffins vitamins.

“Look! I got the Big Book of Boo Boos!”

“Look! I got Chilly!”

They’ve gone from demanding a particular result

To delighting in discovery.

And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because so many people approach a networking event demanding results.

They want to meet a certain person.

They want to make sales.

They want instant results.

And, since that’s not the way business networking works,

They get disappointed and discouraged.

It’s much more effective (and fun) to delight in what you discover, while keeping in mind that it takes time to develop the relationships that lead to the best opportunities.

A proposal that initially goes nowhere can lead to a bigger and better opportunity with that same organization.

A person you first met years ago suddenly sends you a great referral.

You discover an opportunity to collaborate with someone who you didn’t even realize was in your network.

People who demand results from business networking are frequently disappointed.

People who delight in discovery attract great opportunities.

So, are you demanding results or delighting in discovery?

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