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Lisa Cochrane describes the source of inspiration for Allstate’s “Mayhem” commercials in two words:

“Actual Claims” (Check out the full interview).

They are not making this up!

The stories are real.

Real customer situations that are not covered by cut-rate insurance.

It’s working.

Their phones are ringing off the hook.

Because they’re using a winning Elevator Pitch approach.

You can too.

Here are 3 “Mayhem” tips for a winning Elevator Pitch.

1. Real & Detailed

Saying “You might not have enough insurance coverage” causes eyes to glaze over.

Saying “If a city tree falls on your car, are you covered?” begs the question.

Does it really matter who owns the tree?

Probably not.

Still, now prospects wonder.

And ask the question.

And Allstate starts business conversations.

How do you get your prospects to ask the right questions?

2. Value & Price

Allstate has the cleanest example I’ve ever seen of turning a question of price into a question of value.

In the interview, Lisa Cochrane says that Allstate was losing customers to cut-rate pricing.

This ad campaign changes the conversation.

Prospects no longer ask “How much does it cost?”

They ask “Am I covered?”

It’s a much better question.

And Allstate has a really good answer.

How do you start value conversations?

3. Far & Wide

Allstate tells stories.

Detailed client stories.

In less than 30 seconds.

In the mass media.

They are not saying how long they have been in business.

Or that they can handle all your insurance needs.

Or that they have the best customer service in the business.

Instead they share the experience of one particular client.

On one particular day.

In a particularly memorable way.

Their Mayhem Facebook page has over one million likes.

How can you use your client stories to make you more memorable?

Happy Networking!

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