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More Thumbs (or how to keep lingo out of your Elevator Pitch)

“They told me to use more thumbs.”

Which isn’t fair, because the other players on the court didn’t tell her.

They screamed it repeatedly as the volleyball sailed through the air.

And my daughter loved it!

It’s helps the team communicate efficiently as they’re competing.

And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because while lingo is efficient for communicating inside your company, it muddies your message to outsiders.

I’ve had clients claim that acronyms make people curious.

But you’d rather they ache for your solution than engage you in splitting linguistic hairs.

So instead of saying “SEO,” you can say that you write blogs that have better visibility for organic search. This switch from jargon to clarity can turn a puzzled look into a nod of understanding.

Instead of “EBITA,” you can say that you help dog training companies increase their selling price. Clear and direct language will highlight the tangible benefits of your service.

And instead of “OSHA,” you can say that you offer safety trainings for warehouses. This not only simplifies your message, but demonstrates the value you bring.

I’m still not quite sure what “more thumbs” means, but it, combined with a number from 1 to 4, has something to do with how the setter sets the ball.

It makes sense to the players so they can react quickly as the ball comes over the net, but it sounds like gibberish to anyone on the outside.

So here’s the question: What’s the “more thumbs” in your field, and how do you make it clear and understandable in your Elevator Pitch?

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