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Naked Baby

The song request from the back seat of the car completely baffles me until my 4-year-old daughter finally translates what her 3-year-old sister means by “Naked Baby…”

“No daddy,

C’mon baby”


Still baffled.

3 year old more agitated.

4 year old tries again.

“You know, Daddy.

C’mon baby, do the loc-motion”



Now that makes more sense.

And as I cue up their favorite dance song

It gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch

Because even if I had

Correctly understood

“C’mon baby”

I still wouldn’t have been able to

Identify the song.

It’s not the name of the song.

Not for me, anyway.

But it is for her.

That’s how she knows that song.

And so many people

Confuse what they offer

With what their prospects expect.

The two are rarely the same.

Are people looking for a Realtor?

Or for a home where they can raise their family.

Are they looking for a better life?

Or to improve communication with their teenagers.

Are they looking for a problem solver?

Or someone to help them set up their new home theater.

So instead of

“Leveraging the synergies of a diverse population,”

Just say that you do

“Team building exercises with camp counselors”

Still working on your Elevator Pitch?

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3 Steps to a Non-Boring, Non-Technical Elevator Pitch

2 comments on “Naked Baby

  1. We had the same experience with my daughter and the movie Frozen.

    “I want to hear ‘sandwiches,'” we discovered, means “I want to hear that song “Love is an Open Door,” from Frozen, with that line I like, “we finish each other’s sandwiches.”

    Took a lot of guessing, though. 🙂

    1. Case in point! I guessed “Summer” because of the scene with them and the picnic and the piled high sandwiches. But that lyric (we finish each other’s sandwiches) is admittedly one of my favorites as well. Thanks for posting another great example!

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