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I pause impatiently in my mad dash down aisle 8 at Sudbury Farms, grab for a box of birthday candles, then just as quickly put it back, my usual decisiveness weakened by a wall of colored wax, until I notice four letters on an otherwise unremarkable package that make it the obvious choice.


Birthday candles are birthday candles,


I guess not.

Because today neon is the obvious choice.

My three year old has neon sneakers.

With glitter.

And lights that twinkle when she walks.

And in a flash of insight unusual for my gender.

I remember.

My wife picked out neon frosting for the cake.


It makes the birthday candle decision easy.


Even for me.

Won’t get in any trouble for that one.

And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because your prospects are focused on something




To you.

To them, it’s the obvious thing.

The only thing.

A flash of insight.

That makes them choose you.

From a sea of choices.

They know it when they see it.

Before I had daughters I never would have understood the niche for neon birthday candles.

Now I see the genius in the marketing.

What about you?

What’s the genius in your marketing?

The word or phrase that makes you the obvious choice.

The easy decision.

What’s your neon?

Happy Networking!

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